Return policy

We will eliminate/repair defects of the goods sold, if possible, replace or refund unsatisfactory quality items, by following the return and exchange rules approved by Lithuanian legal regulations, .

A good quality item can be exchanged with a proof of purchase up to 14 days after purchase to another analogical item or the money recovered, if that item is a distance purchase.

Requests for returns or refunds must be submitted in writing by specifying the reason and providing the purchase document.


  • in a clean and undamaged package (this is not a case for unsatisfactory quality items);
  • undamaged by the purchaser;
  • unused and marketable appearance, meaning that the labels must be undamaged, the protective film not removed, etc. (this is not a case for unsatisfactory quality items)
  • fully assembled as it was sold to the buyer.

We have a right to refuse to accept goods under complaint, if the purchaser fails to comply with established procedures for the return of goods.

Good quality items imported or manufactured on a special request are not EXCHANGEABLE and UNRETURNABLE.

We do not repair, replace or refund or anyhow compensate the damages, which arise as a result of incorrect or negligent handling by the Purchaser.

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