delivery_foto_vasaraWe deliver our goods and products to any address in Lithuania.

If you buy for € 100 or more, we will provide you with a FREE DELIVERY service within the territory of Lithuania, if the weight of the package is up to 30 kg, length – up to 3 meters.

We don’t deliver by our expenses our production from aluminum profiles with glass (aluminum doors/frames with glass inserts).

International delivery is usually possible as well, just we have to evaluate it in every case.

The buyer, when receiving the goods from the courier and signing the receiving documents provided by the shipping company, must examine a parcel that have been delivered, if all the items received and the package is taut, not damaged.

If packages are damaged or there is a lack of them, it is important to report in written the exact defects of the package or goods received on the receiving documents provided by the courier. A buyer must open such package and inspect the goods inside, if they were not defected together with the package.

When a fact about the damaged packages is properly reported in the receiving documents, you will gain a right within a period of 2 working days to contact our company in written for a compensation.

If the buyer will not follow these rules, our company is not responsible for the lack or defects of goods resulting from the delivery process, being the delivery service’s fault.

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