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Vertical GOLA handle profiles and new colour

Finally, we are happy to announce that new GOLA profiles and new color (S2l = INOX) of GOLA profiles have supplemented our assortment. Especially good news to our clients, who were waiting for the vertical snap-on GOLA profiles (8023 and 8024),- those long-awaited ones are at our warehouse already.

The versatility of our GOLA profile system make it possible to satisfy every aesthetic and constructional needs of the contemporary kitchens and provides a handy and solid fastening system.

The fastening elements system of those profiles (both horizontal – 8006, 8007 – and vertical – 8023, 8024) is very strong and well-thought-out. Thanks to that impeccable solution the bolts are not seen from the external side of the furniture. So, your kitchen furniture will look much better and also the cleaning process gets much easier as dust and dirt will not accumulate.

Scilm’s GOLA profile system is easy to install and remove, therefore, if any profile or part of it is scratched or damaged somehow, you can very easily change it to another profile anytime.

Author: UAB "BEK" | 2018-01-08 | Category: About the products, All news, New Products

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