Integrated handle HIDE V94

Integrated handle HIDE V94
Spain Spain

Plain, smooth and minimalistic handles HIDE. Perfectly fits to modern style furniture of your kitchen or bathroom. This handle can be mounted into panel’s side edge or on the top of the panel as usual. It can be combined with the NEST (0105) handle, which fits right onto the upper or lower part of the HIDE handle as well.

Code Color Dimensions, mm Price


Brushed nickel

C-64, L-90, H-16,5

  5,41 €


Brushed nickel

C-128, L-180, H-16,5

6,02 €


Matt black

C-128, L-180, H-16,5

7,38 €


Brushed gold

C-128, L-180, H-16,5

7,30 €


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