Horizontal GOLA profile 8006

Horizontal GOLA profile 8006
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Horizontal undertop GOLA profile for modern/contemporary kitchen furniture. This aluminum spacer gives “no handles” look. Gola channel profile for base cabinet lets implement aestetic innovative constructional furniture solutions.

We sell only in bars, however we can cut those bars to your required lengths.

The recommended parts, which can go together with GOLA 8006 profile:

SU116DS59 – pins fixing quick support for 8007/8006 “Gola” profiles (2 units set).

TGCSP0158 or FGCSP0159– opened aluminium end cap for  “Gola” 8006 profiles (2 units set – L+R);

AG8006 – 90° internal corner for GOLA 8006;

SG8006 – 90° external corner for GOLA 8006;

CSP0149-01SF – mechanical fastener for Gola 8006 channel and Catenaria 6588 crossbar. Quick and easy application. No need for screws or drilling. Applies to assembled cabinets, even with mounted top.

Code Color Length Price/m


Brushed aluminium

4100 mm  9,10 €



4100 mm 9,67 €



4100 mm 13,65 €


Matt black

4100 mm 14,33 €


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