R6588 “Catenaria” crossbar profile for cabinets

R6588 “Catenaria” crossbar profile for cabinets
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Crossbar “Catenaria” aluminum profile is used to strengthen a furniture base. Cabinets built with aluminum crossbars are extremely durable, stronger and provide easier and safer handling as well as giving a modern flair. Easy to manage: bars are to be cut to size and plastic accessories are designed to complete the assembly.

Can be fixed at both the frontal and in the rear part of the cabinet.

The profile’s width x height – 19×35 mm.

We sell only in bars, however we can cut those bars to your required lengths.

CSP0120-06SF – closing cap with dowels for “Catenaria” crossbar R6588, black;

CSP0121-01SF – plate for the fixing of the “catenaria” crossbar R6588 to the worktop, transparent;

6588TP01 – joint-caps for 6588 “catenaria” crossbar (L+R in a set) frame assembly. Quick and easy application. No need for screws or drilling. Cut to size customization possible even for already assembled cabinets. Suitable for thin top or glass. Ideal for special applications with hobs and sinks;

CSP0149-01SF – mechanical fastener for Gola 8006 channel and Catenaria 6588 crossbar. Quick and easy application. No need for screws or drilling. Applies to assembled cabinets, even with mounted top. Provides fastening to the countertop.

Code Color Length Price/m


Brushed aluminium

5300 mm  4,15 €


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