EKU-Frontino 40 H (FS) system

EKU-Frontino 40 H (FS) system
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EKU-FRONTINO 40 is the sliding door solution for two flush-mounted weighing up to 40 kg, and provides a contemporary, design-oriented appearance. EKU-FRONTINO 40 provides unrestricted usage options with tall cabinets in living rooms, bedrooms, receptions and office areas.

Advantages: Flush design – sliding solution without door offset; Extremely convenient operation – ergonomic opening design; Flexible cabinet widths – rail set can be shortened individually, no series-drilled holes; Efficiency and cost-effectiveness – no cabinet processing required; High quality application – outstanding door stability thanks to 4-point guide; Clever installation – simple, quick door adjustment.

Code Door Type Door Thickness Install. dimensions Track Mounting Price


19 mm  1200-2400 mm Top


EKU Frontino 40 H FS catalogue data

EKU Frontino 40 H FS mounting instructions

EKU Frontino 40 H FS planning tool



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