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New handles: new models, finishings

We would like to introduce you with new models and new finishes of the old models of Viefe handles.

Many of our customers fell in love from the first sign to the contemporary style mat black handle CUTT V322. It’s amazing how well it can be integrated into the kitchen or office’s kitchen space. You can choose from three lengths – 200 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm. Available in polished chrome, stainless look and mat black finishes. We keep in stock only black color for today, but we also have very similar model TAMM V311 in brushed nickel finish. However, we are always open to send the handles with desired finish according to our clients request.

V322 juodos rankenelesV322_baldai_juodos_rankeneles

The second novelty is a distinctive design handles VANN V375. They have become one of our best sellers instantly. We keep in stock the most exclusive finishes – mat black and brushed brass – and the ordinary finishes – mat chrome and brushed nickel.  Once screwed to the rear face of any door or drawer, it becomes a totally integrated part of the furniture piece. Installation is fast and very easy, as no machining is required. Both lengths 100 mm and 200 mm might be combined with each other.


RITTA V369 has an original design with an inverted cross-section which makes it stand out completely from more conventional handles. It is neither too big nor too strikingly designed, but its profile and installation are so out of the ordinary that it stands out wherever it is fitted: kitchens, bathrooms, living-room furniture and even in offices and commercial areas. We keep in stock RITTA handles in black and brushed nickel finishes. Shiny chrome can be ordered according to our clients’ request.

V369_rankenelesV369_juodos rankeneles

The forth in a row – the “smoothie” NICK V373 handles. They are especially a nice touch with a rounded corners. In two lengths (50 mm and 178 mm) and fit nicely, can be combined one to each other. Even four finishes: shiny chrome, brushed nickel, brushed brass and cooper.


The colorful acrylic TOPO V336 handles will enthrall the fans of the mild shades. We have them in two sizes. Those pastel colors knobs especially perfectly suits children furniture. We keep in stock the popular black/white and brown/grey combinations, but we can bring the other colors according to the client’s request as well.

V336_rankenelesV336_rankeneles Topo

The integrated DIDAL V329 handle fits well the pivot/slide-in or any other sliding door. It’s only 29 mm diameter,  therefore it can be fitted to the sides of doors (the latch space) and make them easier to move.


 Very awaited SENSE MINI V301 we have in mat black already, V56 – in brass/gold finish. SENSE MINI handles became one of the best sellers instantly as they’ve entered our assortment.


For the very end we have the most “delicious” novelty – brass/gold color handles. We can already offer several articles with this nowadays “on the wave” finish.

Zalvarines_rankeneles_NaujienosV373_auksine rankenele

The whole range of the furniture handles with all the novelties you will find on our web page –> standard handles.

Author: UAB "BEK" | 2017-09-12 | Category: About the products, All news, New Products

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