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The latest furniture handles novelties

First of all, with pleasure and proud, we would like to present a catalog of furniture handles novelties for 2018, which was published online few days ago by our great partners Viefe:  You’ll find several brand new models and new colors, more lengths of the handles you already know.

Secondly, we have finally brought two “sisters” to one of our most popular tall cabinet handles U653. These are U612 and U552. U612 is a little bit shorter (L-800 mm) then U653 and U552 is available in two lengths  – 1105 mm and 1605 mm. They are both fixed to the facade part of the cabinet.

The vertically mounted U612 and U552 are in modern, minimalist style. U612 are available in lead-grey and brushed nickel (bright satin stainless steel) colors, the anodized U552 – in matt brushed black. Both models we keep in stock.

Italian designer Piero Lissoni has used very similar or even the same (we don’t know if really the same) as U612 handles for the cabinets produced by an exclusive furniture company Boffi. Therefore, as an example how would they look like we put this picture below:

Two more new things:

BRIKK V334 handle now we have in brushed nickel finish. We keep them in stock in three lengths, but if you need other (14 standard lengths available), we can take them for you with our next shipment.

VANN V375 handle in brushed brass finish now we have in new – 350 mm (c.c.256 mm) – length.


Please, visit us to see the novelties and choose from the wider assortment.

Author: UAB "BEK" | 2018-02-06 | Category: About the products, All news, New Products

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